Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Paula Montie and I'm a learning coach and trainer specialising in dyslexia. Up until 2011, I was a primary headteacher, then I 'retired' and vowed to devote my later years to helping children who are struggling in school.

As a teacher, I know how frustrated and helpless I felt at times when faced with a bright child who just wasn't picking up how to read, write or do maths. I spent over 30 years trying out different methods, materials, interventions and strategies and finally, I am confident there is an effective solution.

My mission now is to provide a new perspective on the experience of so-called 'learning difficulties' and share how we can transform them into successful learning differences.

You will find more information about the approach I use on the different pages of the site - please have a look and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 
Finding this site means you have taken the first step towards enabling your child or the children you work with look past their sometimes debilitating symptoms and achieve unexpected and often exceptional results.

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