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Empowering Learning Practitioner Training

The 2 day EL Practitioner Training Programme for schools gives teachers and teaching assistants the knowledge and skills to take individual children through the ‘breakthrough’ process, giving them a new way of learning their spellings. You will also be able to integrate the EL methodology into SEN group work and mainstream classroom practice, thereby helping all children with their learning.

Ideally, the 2 days is delivered as two full days with a two week gap between them to allow for practice of the process. However, we can adapt to your CPD schedule and provide half days and/or extended twilight sessions.

The training package also includes in the price a follow-up evening session of one hour held via webinar about four weeks after the course. This offers participants the opportunity to discuss progress and iron out any obstacles they have encountered.

In addition, there is on-going support from the Empowering Learning Community via their website and the Dendrite site with regular CPD calls on offer and blog posts, videos, events etc. This is currently also included in the package.

Implementation in School

There is no need to change any of your current intervention programmes or buy new resources as EL is a sensory-cognitive process that teaches the underlying skill of mental imagery which we maintain is the missing link in the current methods of teaching reading and spelling.

Our main aim is that the integration of visual learning becomes part of everyday practice in the EYFS and Key Stage 1, so it would be very useful if class teachers as well as teaching assistants from those years could attend the course. This integration can be brought about with no changes to the curriculum or current phonics programmes.

For older children who are struggling, the main change will be the allocation of time for TAs/EL Practitioners to work with individuals on their breakthrough and follow-up sessions.

We therefore highly recommend that the SENCo and/or a key member of the leadership team undertake the training so that any changes to the timetable, ways of working etc can be implemented effectively.

We are in the process of gathering case studies and these will be published on this site as soon as they are completed.

2 Day Training Investment

The maximum number of participants is 25. The EL trainer works on a day rate basis of £550 per day plus any traveling and accommodation expenses. There is also a charge of £50 per participant for course materials, licence and other fees. 

This arrangement gives teaching schools, academy trusts and clusters of schools the opportunity to set their own pricing structures. All administration is carried out by the host school and these costs plus venue and refreshments can be shared between participating schools.

Empowering Learning
Trainer Support in School

EL Trainers are available to come into school to work with individual children (maximum 3 per day. The cost for this is as follows;

Free initial 30 min discussion during which the trainer will clarify the needs of the children the school has identified for support and assess whether the EL process is appropriate and the likelihood of success. 


Initial 'breakthrough' session (approx.1.5 hours) with individual child:£140
(plus travel and accommodation if required)
Subsequent sessions£80 per hour
(plus travel and accommodation if required)
Discussion to review implementation in school    Free