Learning to Spell

The technique I use has its roots in the Neuro-lingustic Programming (NLP) Spelling Strategy created by Robert Dilts, one of the early developers of NLP. This strategy has been further enhanced through the work of Olive Hickmott at Empowering Learning

Robert Dilts was dyslexic himself and he set out to discover how excellent spellers manage to learn how to spell words so quickly and easily. There are two essential, basic factors that are common to all good spellers. Firstly, they are in a positive, stress free, high performance state and secondly, they can recall a clear image of the word they are learning in their mind’s eye.

Working with many dyslexic brains, I have found that either no picture of the letters in the word is being formed or there is a confusion of letters swimming around all over the place!

The first step we take is to help you find a positive emotional state and then, through careful coaching questions, I help you find your way to visualise letters and words. This process usually takes one session of between 45 minutes to two hours.  Once you have the 'breakthrough', you are able to work on your own using your considerable visual strengths to learn the words you need.

We work together to form a personalised Action Plan and I am available for follow-up sessions if you need them or if there are any other issues we need to address.

This method does not ‘cure’ dyslexia and is not a replacement for the phonic approach to learning how to spell. What it does do is offer a completely new perspective on your experience of what is termed a ‘learning difficulty’ so that you can use your natural strengths and achieve success.

Other Blocks to Learning and Achieving

As a retired Headteacher, I know that the education system doesn’t always provide the right learning experiences for each child. As a result, our natural gifts and talent for learning about ourselves and the world around us can become blocked.

As an NLP Master Practitioner and Accredited Master Coach, I will use a combination of Solution Focused Brief Therapy and NLP techniques to help you overcome any anxieties, fears, limiting beliefs etc that are preventing you from achieving your potential. I will help you change your perceptions and take control of your thoughts and feelings so that you can break unwanted habits and experience life the way you want.